06 November 2008

President Elect

I began to write a long winded post about how I am inspired by the election of Barack Obama.

However, I am having trouble putting it all into words without digressing so far into my own personal past as to lose my main point. So here is a Haiku.

Obama lead us
There ain't no red vs blue states
All one under  God

I was born poor white
Came in and learned raciscm
I am free from it

Poor kids without hope
Stand up, reach out, find someone
You are special too

It was not only in the last eight years that America has been earning a bad reputation and its not just African-Americans who haven't been getting a fair stake. The American Indian has been in this country much longer than anyone and they are still somehow kept separate but equal.

I don't know how to heal this division in our country. Barack I hope you can find a way.

Welcome our President Elect. If there is a way that I can serve just call on me.