18 January 2009

Doubt a self imposed reality

Tonight I began my journey to go on a vision quest.

In the beginning of this journey I had several revelations but the most re-occuring was the observation that I have doubts in nearly everything I am trying to accomplish.

So I'm going to do the following to address my constant brain chatter which is the manifestation of my doubt and causes me anxiety.
  1. I'm going to develop a daily reading to help me achieve me goals and release doubts. A couple of items for that reading already inspired are:
    • I have clarity and purpose.
    • The universe is my ally
  2. I'm going to obtain an object that I use each morning to capture the doubts that my subconscious mind has generated each night.
My goal in these activities is to free my mind each day of the doubts that are in the subconscious which have been there most of my life. In this way I will be free to accomplish all that I desire.