14 June 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

I haven't been blogging much while I focus on my Outsourcing site content development.

But I wanted to blog about my newly rediscovered interest in D&D.

As a kid I played D&D and the friends I made playing the game are still close to me more than 20yrs later. The game for me was an activity, a hobby, an exploration of who I wanted to be and a way to stay busy as a kid.

The benefits of playing were:
1. An increased interest in academic fields expecially European history.
2. An increased understanding and interest in the nature of things, physics, and psychology.
3. An increased expression of creative energy and exploration of my creative process.

So as I reach 40 I realize that there was something I desired in my life and that is a giving back to youth and youthfull ways.

My love of games has never really died down including 3 yrs of playing World of Warcraft. But today I find my desire is more to connect, create, and learn than to accomplish. Online MMOs are more about accomplishment since the world is created for you, the stories you can tell are limited by the lore of the game designers. So that has led me back to Paper based games.

Well recently I have been visiting gaming stores. Those gaming stores have brought me closer to another understanding. I want to be a presence in the lives of younger people. To help them find themselves and reach their potential. Gamers are my peeps. Playing games is my hobby and therefore is a perfect synergy for me.

So I'm working on a D&D Campaign and I'll begin running it next month at the local gaming store. Its going to be a blast. I'm looking forward to making new connections and exploring my creative side.