20 March 2013

2013 is going by in a blur.

I just turned 44. The event of my birth is always a special month for me. I tend to use this time of year to work on my self esteem and to reflect back on who I have become.

2012-2013 was a great year.

I started the year working at Teleca and working with people who I had become very close to. Sergey, Kirill, Alexey, Tejas and others have become some distant friends. The great part of this was that along with Milos these friends are all originally from different countries.

Having obtained a level of success in business and really worked to eliminate much of my fears and anxiety through spiritual and therapeutic processes and practice I find that this year around I am feeling more empowered to reach out and grow things beyond my own self.

So for the 2013-2014 year I am exploring my own freedom from anxiety. What I'm finding is that I'm experiencing much more frustration around the lack of personal accomplishment. As a teach of mine is fond of saying, Anger is for you and it is a natural source of energy.

So I am using the energy to create. To define my own path and drive to my own goals. At the office this is taking form as mentoring and coaching of the staff on my team. At home this is taking form in projects to develop a gaming convention and other creative aspects.

I've decided to start blogging and sharing more of my creative ventures this year. My fear of talking of things or they will be taken over or discounted by others is now in my focus and I will be targeting it for elimination.

Onward to greatness and feelings of joy and satisfaction in life.

I am living my life right now.