24 October 2008

Project Management Tools

Project management tools don't get work done.

My company like so many companies I've worked for is trying to get the tools the team needs to get their work done. My friend John Moren has said many times that the most common problem he's run into in his career is the lack of tools. Specifically the lack of a company to invest in tools to automate important tasks for him.

The other side of this coin is that simply rolling out a tool for people to use doesn't get them to use it. Some say we need to train them, some say we need to motivate them, some say we need to provide process for using the tools. They are all right of course. Unfortunately they are also completely wrong.

Training, motivating, and providing written process will not actually result in anyone doing anything. They are only fascilitations. They are important fascilitations. The truely impactful management technique that will make things get done is "putting the rubber to the road."

Getting something actually done. So the true measure of a Project management tool is the ability for it to serve three purposes:

1. Organize the work into bite size measurable chunks that when completed can be checked off.
2. Provide a common repository for work artifacts so that the measurable bite size chunks of work can be seen, reviewed, and utilized.
3. Provide a way to compile, agregate, or deploy the work products that have been created.

Unfortunately none of the worlds Project management tools do all three. Most do the first item ok. A few expensive ones do the second item. But because of the lack of integration to systems like AGILE, software build systems, or other development and deployment systems there is a serious lack of true project tracking to the end deliverable. 

This means that progress reporting cannot be automated against the actual work. Instead people have to report on their progress.  Whenever you have a system where people are reporting instead of the work speaking for itself you are going to have inaccurate reports. 

The common sources of inaccuracy are: 
1. Miscalculations
2. Missunderstanding
3. False reports

The problem is that often by the time you determine that inaccuracy in the reporting you are in trouble. 

Oh i can go on and on. 

But I'll just summerize:

Project management tools don't get work done.

23 October 2008

Being a geek is such a cool thing

I LOVE Being a Geek!!!

I don't know how but i ended up looking at LED watches. Thinking that might be kind of cool. 

OMG i had no idea how cool.

Here is one example of an LED watch that I thought was pretty neat.

This one was a little to hardcore for me personally but I loved it non-the-less:

But I think my favorite one is this one:

I do love being a geek.

Therapy and such

I've been blogging a lot using Therapy Speak. 

Its probably because right now I'm going through a big transition in my therapy process.

A few other things going on in my life.

1. I am installing window coverings in the new house.
2. I am putting together the remaining furniture.
3. I am researching 40"-46"LCD TVs.
4. I am trying to decide if I'll do a wiring project myself or pay the 400 for labor to have it done.
5. I need to start working on cleaning out the garrage.
6. I need to let the movers know they can come get the boxes.
7. I need to make a list of other stuff I need to do. :)

I love having a new house. 

Hooked for a day

hooked for a day, hooked for a life time.

The belief that I am justified in my anger, sadness, or fear is a story I tell myself to stay miserable. Now that isn't my intent but its the effect. The intent is actually to preserve my own ego state. Its a self protection developed to keep me safe from thoughts of self doubt. The thoughts of a critical nature that are flags for a low self-esteem that we are in trouble. The belief that people will not like me or avoid me if my worst fears and judgements about myself are true.

So when someone slights me I can so easily slip into being a victim of their actions and create a story in my head of how I was wronged and will continue to be wronged. Its amazing to me the ability of my mind to create a reality so convincing that I can find no flaw in it yet mostly serves as a construct to support an ego state developed in my child hood. 

Now I don't want you all thinking I've lost my marbles. I'm not saying that I'm going to let people walk on me, treat me badly, or be rude to me. Its just that I can be self protective and honor my own needs without reverting to defensiveness, rationalizations, justifications, or judgements.

Setting boundaries and being honest are clear thinking tools that support me in being healthy in my interactions.

Holding on to anger, building resentments, gossip, and projection are ways I stay stuck in my dysfunction

Today I'll chose the former rather than the later.

21 October 2008

Opt in and live life

I so often think of opting out of things. Email lists, party invites, work assignments, activities that need someone to do some "dirty work."

I think I'll opt in to something that doesn't sound fun. Who knows perhaps I'll learn, grow, or get some recoginition for it. 

In any case it'll be an experience of living and not avoiding living.