06 February 2009

Practical Process Improvements

Those who know me know that at work I am all about improving and I'm extremely practical. I push hard on people to make the changes necessary to accomplish out goals in companies I work in. 

I'm annoying to those who aren't effective and don't produce work products. Now that I have become more familiar with oversees outsourcing in my work I see the same issues that have plagued the organizations I've worked in for years.

I am going to launch a sub-scription based service that will serve as a resource for companies in this situation. The goal of this company will be to provide several services that outsourcing companies need.  Some of them are:

1. Practical Solutions to real problems.
2. On-going connectivity to industry best practices in an engaging interactive (WEB 2.0) format.
3. Online Mentoring capabilities. (more on this TBD based on a discussion with a mentoring site service provider.)
4. etc..

I'm seeking your help if you read this blog. Please, send me your ideas on a name for such a company. 

I have a few of my own but I thought I'd reach out to you all and see what new ideas come to me.

05 February 2009

Cabo San Lucas

I thought I should blog about my upcoming trip to Cabo.

This will be my first vacation out of the country. For me its a big milestone in many ways. One I'm beginning to experience the rewards of my new attitudes and outlooks on life. Two I'm beginning to realize that good things can happen to me even without me "making it happen." 

Here are some hurdles to such a trip in my life right now.

1. I can't afford it.
2. I didn't have a passport.
3. I didn't have a plan to get to be able to make such a trip.
4. My wife is afraid of flying.
5. I feel guilty when I spend big money on stuff like this.

The universe is my alley and it is teaching me. 

1. This trip was a bonus from my boss. I am not paying anything more to go on this trip than I would staying at home.
2. We got our passport in one day after turning in the paperwork. Which we had to wait two weeks to get a birth-c for Erin.
3. My plans are to begin to expand outside and travel to India. This comes a first travel out of the country. I think the universe is preparing me.
4. My wife is getting therapy to overcome her fear of flying. And she thinks of this trip as a test drive of her new psyche.
5. I have done a lot of therapy on my own personal pschye. 

I am looking forward to 5 days in the sun!!!!

03 February 2009

First Internet Business off the ground

Well all, I launched my first internet business today.

After a month of working on product development and getting it all ready its live.

The site is ready for business. I'll be reporting off and on over the next couple of weeks as it progresses. But here a few highlights of materials I used in helping me get to this reality:

1. The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
2. The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch
3. Fatcow.com
4. SiteShop.com (a free service of Fatcow.com)
5. Paypal for taking credit card orders.
6. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugarman

I have a few people I'd like to thank in helping me reach this goal:

1. Ed Chapman for recommending "The Four Hour Work Week" to me.
2. Justin Scott for recommending readings and being a great supporter and awesome close friend. You desirve more than this but...
3. Erin Kester for editing and supporting me while I shared all my learnings with her.
4. Vince and Sandra Horan for their awesome support in my pursuits.
5. Karuna Poole for helping me get past my blocks in reaching my goals.
6. Amma for reminding me that talk is cheap its the doing that is hard.
7. Raj and the crew at AE for making it a great place to work.
8. To Scott East for his "I'll be standing by" support through the last six years.
9. To many unmentioned inspirations.