01 April 2009

My Ego wants you all to know I'm cool

I realized that as I explore the use of twitter I am drawn more and more to asking questions and trying to learn about other people.

This is oposition to the desires of my ego which wants everyone who talks to me to think I'm smart, capable, and fun. But the reality is that ego centric statements mostly result in very flat, one-sided, and frankly boring conversations.

What I prefer is for people to communicate with me with regard to their passions, desires, and capabilities in a way that opens the conversation. Exploring how we are similiar and unique at the same time.

So many of us on Twitter are trying to push ourselves up to increase our influence. The goal is not a bad one. "Try to reach a larger audience for our ideas and capabilities." And it is a strong elixer for our egos. The possiblity to reach so many others so quickly and have them really desire the information is like a drug to that ego centric part of our psyche.

However, as I participate in twitter I find that I am more and more desiring to understand my fellows through tweets that reveal themselves. I'm less and less desiring to impress and captivate my followers. 

Perhaps its the therapy I've done that has really shifted me. I don't really know why, but I am more and more inclined to learn. I have often given lip service to a Ghandi quote, "Seek first to understand and then be understood." But with twitter I'm actually seeing the value in doing this.

I find the entire experiment of social networking to be a great and expansive way of finding new connections and reaching my goals of interconnectivity.  I think its exciting and fun.

So please, let me know what drives your passion in life and what you think is fun and cool.