01 September 2009

Focus back on Self-Care

Well all, its been a very busy month. I can't believe how much I've been enjoying life through spending time with my wife and kids, working hard, and learning.

So this post I wanted to point out some tools that I have found usefull in not only getting through my days happy but actually being spiritually fullfilled.

1. Spend as much time as possible enjoying nature. This is something I'm just learning to do and I dont' do nearly enough.
2. Spend some time each day taking stock in the little things that need doing in your environment. The little things bring a lot of joy.
3. Spend some time each day in prayer or meditation. Relaxing your mind from the "figure it out" rat race by just connecting with god creates ripple effects in your life.
4. Study something. Increasing knowledge and exploring new topics is always inspiring.
5. Be careful with your words and monitor your emotional state closely. The more you learn about how your feelings are really determined by your own thinking the more you'll likely realize that saying things and trying to fix problems you percieve from an emotional place really don't get you want you want and create conflict and strife.

I know for me the daily activities can get me off my track and they surely have over the last few months. But I realize now more than ever its vital for my mental progress and health to practice good self care.