29 October 2008

F1337 Command comes to life

F1337 Command is the working name of a retail company I am making to provide quality products to geeks. The goal of this company is to create a brand that people like me can identify with and for that brand to give them a conduit to top quality products and services that they find interesting and desireable. 

This idea comes from several dissapointing experiences I've had with products targeted to geeks. Specifically clothing products. The quality of the products I've found is very low. My goal is to provide products that don't suck and are cool.

Over the next few months I'm going to focus some energy each week to the further development of this product. For now I'm working on the following three things:

1. Review of the working name.
2. Creation of a logo.
3. Create a black high quality light jacket which displays the company name and logo along with a high quality artistic science fiction inspired graphic.

If you know anyone who is interested in this project (in a real way) please give them my email address.

If you or anyone you know is interested in a top quality jacket with a cool image and a cool company name please let me know. I'm interested in your ideas and feedback.

28 October 2008

Can Windows 7 please be the last version

To Microsoft: will you admit that your outdated model of platforms for application development and delivery should be put to bed? By keeping the entire world dependent upon Windows you avoid the major revolution that everyone can see coming except for you guys.

If you don't figure it out Google will and then we'll have a light weight OS sitting ontop of a robust opensource kernel that will kick your asses. Figure it out guys or risk losing it all.

If you leave it to Google and they do it anything like Chrome I'll convert all my computers over to it and go with applications that run on it before you can blink an eye.

Pull your heads out Microsoft. Stop shipping yet another version of Windows and build an OS people actually want or let your competition do it and pay the price.