27 July 2009

Twitter Management

As some of you may know I started a few months ago connecting with people through twitter.

My goals of this were simple. Connect with people of similar knowledge, skills, interest, and objectives as myself.

I realized quickly that this was a hard task. With thousands and millions of people out there finding the ones I was interested in seemed harder than I expected. And also, it was time consuming to manage.

Pretty quickly I figured out I wanted to automate many of the tasks I was doing manually. The problem was I didn't have the time to develope the tools and still do everything else I need/want to do. I was a customer looking for a solution. :)

My requirements were simple:
1. Automatically follow people who tweet keywords I'm interested in.
2. Follow back real people who follow me.

After days of playing with different tools I didn't find it. And then one day my friend Ray Levesque says, hey check out Tweet Spinner.

The problem with Tweet Spinner is the UI. The simple layout hides the powerful functionality. In addition it isn't intuitive how to configure and setup the options.

But once you do have them setup its great. If you like to Autofollow people you can do that but unlike other features this one allows you to filter out people based on keywords they use. It doesn't eliminate ending up following bots but it reduces it a lot.

But the feature I like best is the Follow On Keyword. Tweet Spinner monitors the public domain and if someone tweets about something I'm interested in I can follow them.

If anyone has other questions about Twitter I'll be glad to answer if I know something about the question.

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  1. Thanks for making me aware of this new twitter tool. Susan