11 December 2008

F1337 Command gets a first customer

Well so my idea for F1337 Command has been making some progress and I thought I'd share some of it here as a way of keeping track of it as well as communicating with you my beloved internet audience.

Basically I have continued to noodle the ideas surrounding the products of this company as well as my concepts on the business organization. What has come out is that the most obvious start for this business which will serve multiple purposes is an online Apparel company.

Purposes served:
1. Bring to life the basic underlying principles of the company.
2. Bring about a way of sharing what the business is and how it works through concrete implemented elements.
3. Create a tool for market research.
4. Begin the process of refining the marketing elements and product ideas.
5. Allow for the initial community to form virtually which will establish a wider reaching area than a single gift shop could create.
6. Allow for the initial relationships with full-fillment organizations to be established and customer communication norms to be created and established.
7. Design and implement critical customer service processes.
8. Design and implement critical product development processes.
9. Establish the business structure of F1337 Command.
10. Create a vehicle to attract investment capital.

To begin the juices flowing and start on this path i have a 3 pronged strategy that I'm implementing now:
1. Create some basic product ideas.
2. Identify potential fullfillment partner organizations here Washington state.
3. Document the full business plan in a non-traditional manor.

If you are interested in some of the early product ideas I have created a cafepress.com shop to try out some ideas.

Here are some of the ideas inspired so far:

Some aditional ideas in development are a number of T-Shirt ideas along the lines of the current shop products;

F1337 Command
WTS Used Space Suit

F1337 Command
Schrödinger's Cat Needs Food Badly

F1337 Command
Creat your own Cherenkov radiation

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