23 October 2008

Being a geek is such a cool thing

I LOVE Being a Geek!!!

I don't know how but i ended up looking at LED watches. Thinking that might be kind of cool. 

OMG i had no idea how cool.

Here is one example of an LED watch that I thought was pretty neat.

This one was a little to hardcore for me personally but I loved it non-the-less:

But I think my favorite one is this one:

I do love being a geek.

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  1. I remember the first LED watch I saw, sometime in the late '70s. It was owned by a neighbor and I think he paid $400 for it then. The thing was, it was always dark until you pushed a button on it to light up the time. More of a pain than you'd think. A couple of years later, you could get one of those watches for $15. Then came the LCD revolution, where you could tell the time simply by looking at your watch! Amazing! From that point on, the skill of reading a clock face was lost to antiquity.