25 March 2009


Hey all, I wanted to share with you all a very effective self-help concept I've been using with great success. 

Some back story:
I have been working on personal change for about the last 6 years now. Over the that time I've done a lot of therapy and personal development. During this time I've been working to change my behaviors that didn't get me the results I wanted from my life. 

Back to now:
Recently I've been struggling with changes to some of the most persistant self defeating behaviors. Those being over eating, distracting with movies, games, etc... 

Well during this time I've heard the acronym HALT mentioned off and on. It stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. The idea is that when your hungry, angry, lonely, or tired you are normally the most likely to not take good care of yourself. Its these times that we are the most likely to want to escape into our addictions.

So about 3 weeks ago I decided to make a two changes in my routine. 

1. When I'm feeling like playing video games, or other distractions that don't help me achieve my goals or renew my spirit I'll stop and ask myself if I'm HALT. If I am I'll first determine what I need for myself to change that state. If there is nothing at hand that will help me I'll simply stop and listen to three meditation songs and relax. 

2. I will checkin with myself three times daily and see if I'm HALT.

I want to report great success. I have had so many good experiences with the relaxing meditations I can't list them all. I haven't spent anytime on what could only be called an addiction to flash based video games (even though it was often only a fleeting high.)

So for now I will continue my new practice of meditation instead of distraction. Its been a great experience.

Go with god and love.

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