06 February 2009

Practical Process Improvements

Those who know me know that at work I am all about improving and I'm extremely practical. I push hard on people to make the changes necessary to accomplish out goals in companies I work in. 

I'm annoying to those who aren't effective and don't produce work products. Now that I have become more familiar with oversees outsourcing in my work I see the same issues that have plagued the organizations I've worked in for years.

I am going to launch a sub-scription based service that will serve as a resource for companies in this situation. The goal of this company will be to provide several services that outsourcing companies need.  Some of them are:

1. Practical Solutions to real problems.
2. On-going connectivity to industry best practices in an engaging interactive (WEB 2.0) format.
3. Online Mentoring capabilities. (more on this TBD based on a discussion with a mentoring site service provider.)
4. etc..

I'm seeking your help if you read this blog. Please, send me your ideas on a name for such a company. 

I have a few of my own but I thought I'd reach out to you all and see what new ideas come to me.

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