14 October 2008

Working from America

Working in America for an Indian software development company.

I thought what an interesting perspective it was if I consider the true nature of the relationship I have with my company's Indian development partner. Most of the people in these kinds of relationships use the model of "them working for us." This is the common frame of outsourcing. 

But like almost every manager employee relationship, the true power to effect the concrete and tangible work products that we charge money for is in the hands of the workers. 

So I offer the following observations of working for an Indian outsource development company:

1. They are indeed full of desire to produce and deliver great work products.
2. They work in an evironment much like and yet unlike similiar US companies.
3. They understand better than anyone would expect the nature of the problems that they are being asked to solve but my own arrogance often doesn't give them the credit they deserve with regard to this understanding.
4. Their opinions are offered only in limited ways and so you must listen for them and pay attention since typcially you get these insights only once.
5. They are frustrated when they dont' think they are being heard.
6. Just like many software engineers in the US they do not know how to communicate in a way that makes things crystal clear and this leads to many misscommunications.
7. They need me to do more of the writing since they don't send a lot of written information.
8. They often speak english better than I do.
9. They are clear and concise without sounding arogant. Do not mistake their lack of arogance on the phone with a true willingness to do whatever you tell them no matter how stupid you are.
10. Believe in them and work hard to make everything crystal clear for them and you'll do well by them.

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