15 October 2008

Writing on the book

As some know I'm working on writing my first fiction novel. 

Its been a labor of love and I mostly enjoy it. However, recently I sent out a draft of the first seven chapters. Its interesting when expressing your creativity. You fear most the negative feedback of others but for most of us we need no feedback at all to create an opportunity to worry and convince ourself that "its not good enough." 

I am realizing more and more the power of my own mind to create my reality. I no longer believe that my reality is something that is happening outside myself. My perceptions and reactions are a strong force for the creation of my reality. In some ways they are far stronger than any other force in my life. 

So instead of worry and doubt about my writing I will focus on my capabilities and excitement. I will use my mind to create the reality I desire instead of the one I fear.

Today, I will keep a possitive attitude and remind myself of my accomplishments. If I am filled with doubt or second guessing I will halt that particular thinking and gestault with myself. In the gestault I will remind myself:
1. I am human and therefore do not need to be perfect
2. I am capable of this achievement
3. I desire to express myself and create things
4. I am aware that writing this book will take hardwork on my part
5. I am not resistant to hard work in accomplishing my goals
6. Having work hard at something doesn't make me stupid it makes me industrious

Also a truth that exists in my new reality is: 

I cannot stop myself from writing this book, only delay it. How long will I delay it?

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